Juan Pedroza

Juan Manuel Pedroza is a Research Associate at The Urban Institute’s Center on Labor, Human Services and Population. His work focuses on immigration, workforce development, social safety net, and criminal justice policies. He conducts field research and analyses of policies and programs that affect low-income families, immigrant parents and youth, and Latinos and immigrants in new destinations. He was born in Mexico and became a U.S. citizen in 2008.


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Juan Pedroza  ::  December 8th, 2011

Are immigrants from states passing tough immigration laws leaving in droves? Since Alabama grabbed headlines after passing a restrictive law, accounts and images of idle store fronts, vacancy signs, empty pew aisles, and dips in school enrollment swept the airwaves.  News coverage of similar experiments in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Georgia also featured accounts of imminent […]

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Immigration Enforcement: Is "Secure Communities" Effective and Enforceable?

By Juan Pedroza  ::  May 23rd, 2011

President Obama’s latest public statement on immigration raises the possibility of immigration policy reform.  In the coming months, the White House will work with local organizations to promote roundtable discussions across the country aimed at fixing problems and promoting informed conversations.  Expect an earful on enforcement in these debates! Local communities are especially concerned about […]

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