Melissa Favreault

Social Security: Policymakers need to look beyond “average” workers

By Melissa Favreault  ::  October 10th, 2012

Several recent press accounts have used figures developed by my Urban Institute colleagues C. Eugene Steuerle and Stephanie Renanne and others by the Social Security Administration to conclude that most Americans now get a raw deal from Social Security. True, these figures show that an average two-earner married couple will collect less in lifetime Social […]

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The Stakes for Social Security Reform: A View from the District of Columbia

By Melissa Favreault  ::  December 13th, 2011

  Last month in MetroTrends, Margaret Simms pointed out that Social Security is more than a retirement program since it also provides income support to disabled workers and the dependent spouses and children of retired, disabled, or deceased workers.  Let me second her point that Social Security is vital for many households whose benefits comprise […]

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