Topic: Crime and Justice


To gauge the health of your whole community, look to your teens

By Laudan Aron  ::  November 18th, 2014

Last week, I shared a starter list of principles that can help guide health-promoting community investments. That list was inspired by a large and growing body of research on the social determinants of health: conditions within our families, neighborhoods, and communities that shape our health and survival. That same body of research points to an important […]

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Data Dive

Urban Institute's first data dive calls for better data on domestic violence

By Jon Schwabish  ::  November 14th, 2014

Roughly 1 in 4 women is estimated to be a victim of intimate partner abuse. In certain populations, where data may be less reliable and sample sizes may be smaller, rates of domestic abuse may be even higher. For example, estimates suggest that about 1 out of every 2 women in the Asian/Pacific Islander community […]

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What we can learn about criminal justice from our wounded warriors

By John Roman and Sam Bieler  ::  November 11th, 2014

Today, Tuesday, November 11, is Veterans Day. In the media, there will likely be loose talk acknowledging the service of those who sacrificed for our country while serving in the US military. But it’s unlikely we’ll hear much specific talk about just what that sacrifice was, and what we can learn from it. Over the […]

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Local win-wins: How homegrown solutions can reduce incarceration and improve public safety

By Samantha Harvell  ::  November 6th, 2014

How can the trend of mass incarceration in the United States be reversed? Increasingly, policymakers and the public are debating this question. US Attorney General Eric Holder has made it a cornerstone of his legacy, the National Research Council released a landmark report on the topic earlier this year, and the Department of Justice recently […]

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California’s Prop 47 passed. Now what?

By Brian Elderbroom and Ryan King  ::  November 5th, 2014

Californians overwhelmingly chose less punitive criminal sentencing policies yesterday, with nearly 60 percent of voters approving Proposition 47, a ballot initiative that reclassifies certain nonviolent drug and property crimes from a felony to a misdemeanor. Persons convicted of these offenses will now face shorter stays in jail or community supervision. This should be a familiar […]

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#GamerGate, victimization, and the role of the FBI

By John Roman  ::  October 28th, 2014

Few events are more disturbing to decent people than a wolf pack’s anonymous attack on an individual. In the age of the internet, this happens when one person is descended upon by a huge volume of threats or action perpetrated by many. Usually the attackers remain anonymous. The anonymity is comforting to the attackers and […]

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Hidden in plain sight: labor trafficking in the United States

By Matthew Johnson  ::  October 21st, 2014

Below is an excerpt from an interactive feature about a comprehensive new study on labor trafficking in the United States, led by Colleen Owens and Meredith Dank of the Urban Institute, and Amy Farrell of Northeastern University. Human trafficking generates a lot of media coverage in the United States, but that reporting often focuses on […]

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There's more than one way to measure recidivism

By Ryan King  ::  October 17th, 2014

As long as Californians are footing the bill for public safety, it is critical that state corrections leaders track the success of public safety programs in the most precise and accurate way. The state is currently engaged in an important conversation about how it measures rates of reoffending for people who have been in the […]

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What you should know about victims who get billed for rape exams

By Janine Zweig  ::  October 17th, 2014

Last month, Times-Picayune reporter Rebecca Catalanello revealed that rape victims in Louisiana often are faced with large bills after undergoing medical forensic exams. Since then, I’ve received many inquiries from media outlets and policy advocates: Why are rape victims on the hook for paying for these exams? Is the practice in Louisiana legal? Is it […]

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